Continuously working towards safer environment for the workers

Deliver safety alerts and manuals from time to time to protect workers with useful proactive and defensive tips.

  • Safety Improvements
  • Audit Reporting
  • Online Safety Manuals
  • Emergency Exit Locator
  • Customizable Safety Checklist

Proactively record potential issues and help organization improve safety standards

Promptly report the potential issues that are crucial to ensure safe working conditions and track the status of the issue reported.

  • Report an Incident
  • Lone Worker Detection
  • Engineering Issues Reporting
  • Send alerts, reminders and updates to employees

Intelligent Physical Exercises & Stretches to improve the health of employees

Physical exercises you can do at work to prevent work-related injuries and other health related parameters.

  • Easy to understand and perform Stretches and exercises
  • Heartbeat Calculator
  • Body Temperature
  • Employee Fall Detection
  • Pulse Rate
  • Track Steps


MSafe allows organizations to control both structured and unstructured data flowing into organizations every day as it combines cutting-edge technology, expertise, and data science to identify relevant patterns, derive insights, facilitate decision-making.

Deliver Safety Alerts & Warnings
to Reduce Incident Rates

Monitor Safety
KPIs & Compliance

Resolve Safety
Problems Faster

Workforce Training


Safety evaluation visits are crucial to ensure safe working conditions.
However, the observations made during these visits need to be consolidated, while action steps need to be followed up on and executed.

  • Report an incident
  • Engineering Issues
  • Safety Improvement Opportunities
  • Safety Visit
  • Ergonomics
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Create Checklist